Ivan Despi

The Acid House
Owner & Creative Director

Ivan Despi is an illustrator, designer & animator who, along with his wife Pauline, runs the Acid House, an artist collective involved in design & animation. 

He started making comic books at 10 years old. His obsession with comic books helped him fund his own prints all-throughout his student life, if not published in school papers. His maximalist drawing style and love for Filipino pop culture manifest greatly in his video works. 

His studio has done video & branding work for Adobe, Netflix, MTV, Bassnectar, Zee TV, BBC, Coca-Cola, McDonald's, Rappler, ABS-CBN and numerous clients both here and abroad. He has also done music videos for Up Dharma Down, Radioactive Sago Project, Queso and most recently for California-based DJ Bassnectar. 



What do people fear most when faced with something foreign? Is it the cultural differences themselves or the need to change and adapt to the unfamiliar? How would you bridge the cultural and creative divide that naturally exists between an Asian broadcaster and foreign agencies?

As a European agency working with clients and projects from around the world, there are two fundamental values Flint Skallen abide by – mutual respect and openness. Only with these guiding principles can we overcome the challenges and translate the differences into a creative masterpiece.

This session will showcase Asian-based projects done by 3 different team configurations: A purely European. A purely Asian team; and a third comprising of a mix of the 2 cultures. Ivan and Stefan explore the different approaches taken by each team and how they overcome these cultural differences.


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