Rob Middleton

VP, Network Presentation Content Group

No one really knows how old Rob is, but his wisdom seems timeless. He is a rare life force fueled only by caffeine and alcohol. It’s said he was raised by wolves, who taught him everything they knew about television. We’re pretty sure he’s going to be an episode of that ‘Aliens’ guy on History channel pretty soon.

To count how long he’s been working in Asia, you’ll have to take off both socks. Over those years, he’s been lucky enough to burn bridges at many networks both big and small…all who keep making the mistake of inviting him back. Presently he’s in love with his job at Astro…but not to the point where HR has to have ‘the talk’. At least not yet.



We all have channel managers or business group heads whose mothers may have been on meds during pregnancy, but that’s ok…. there’s always ways to include them in the path of least resistance while still doing a great job that they can take credit for. The key is, as always, to make a direct and hopefully emotional connection with your viewer. That’s the only thing that works. To be clear, boring is not an emotion.

And now we have so many platforms to play with. What can you do in 5 seconds or even shorter when you need to? How to best use other kinds of media to drive back to the mother ship? It doesn’t matter if it’s linear, day and time, digital, OTT, VOD, SVOD, or any other alphabet soup you want to throw in. It’s all TV in the end anyway. You are still inviting people to a shared experience. So share something fun, exciting, scary, titillating…. any which way you’re compelled to.

I’ll bring a big bag of stuff that’s worked from across the planet that hopefully helps kick your ass back into high emotional connection gear. I promise it won’t be boring. It could be worse… you could be doing a budget meeting. So c’mon.


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